MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The former girlfriend of Rep. Keith Ellison posted a medical document on social media this week, showing that in 2017 she told doctors she was emotionally and physically abused by the congressman.

Karen Monahan, who publicly accused Ellison of domestic abuse in August, shared progress notes on Twitter from a doctor’s visit in November of last year.

In them, she’s recorded saying that she suffered “in a very stressful environment for years,” and endured “emotional and physical abuse.”

The document says Monahan identifies her former partner as Ellison, adding that she was worried about retribution if she named him publically.

Ellison, a Democrat who is currently running for Minnesota attorney general, has denied the abuse allegations, which came just days ahead of the August primary.

The allegations were first made by Monahan’s son, who claimed in a Facebook post that there was a video of the congressman dragging Monahan off a bed and cursing at her.

Monahan later confirmed what her son posted. However, she told reporters that she would not release the video because it was humiliating.

Ellison says the video doesn’t exist.

“I never behaved this way,” he said in August, adding: “any characterization otherwise is false.”

Comments (5)
  1. You can’t say “there’s video proof” and then not share the video.

  2. David Siegel says:

    Plenty evidence here. Drop out, already.

  3. Keith Ellison is a PIG. Why is he not in jail. Arrest him and charge him, Minnesota law says if there is evidence like a doctor report he can be arrested and charged. The victim does not have to do anything.