By Pat Kessler

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s an election campaign that’s turned into a political brawl.

The latest round: dueling secret tapes.

Republican candidate for attorney general Doug Wardlow campaigned Sunday in Hastings.

Clinging to a lead in the polls, he could be Minnesota’s first Republican attorney general in 48 years.

Now, Democrat Keith Ellison is highlighting a secret tape recording of Wardlow promising to fire Democrats if he’s elected.

Ellison is calling it a “political purge” and promises civil service protection for attorneys in office.

“I’m saying I don’t really care what peoples’ party affiliation is,” said Ellison. “I care whether they have a passion for serving Minnesotans.”

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The Wardlow campaign is firing back with a secret tape of its own — showing Ellison appearing to suggest he’ll oppose laws he doesn’t agree with.

Top Republican leaders said Ellison must enforce state policy, calling anything else a breach of law — and possibly the constitution.

“He’s going to decide whether he will enforce state policy or not,” said Sen. Warren Limmer. “That definitely is not his role and it is inappropriate.”

Pat Kessler

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