MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The St. Paul City Council backed a resolution this week to support recreational marijuana.

The Pioneer Press reports that the city council voted 6-1 Wednesday to support a resolution to legalize and decriminalize cannabis use.

While resolution itself carries no legal weight, it will be added to city’s legislative agenda, which will be forwarded to state lawmakers.

The resolution’s author, Council Member Dai Thao, told the newspaper that the legalization of marijuana would have a positive impact on state revenue.

“[W]e could finally afford the things we want to do in our city and move our city forward,” he said.

Another official who’s supported the legalization of recreational pot is Gov.-elect Tim Walz.

“We will definitely be taking a look at the issue of decriminalization and legalization,” he said last month. “It has definitely been a fair topic of discussion in the public. I think voters want us to take a look at that.”

The lone dissenter in the St. Paul resolution vote, Council Member Dan Bostrom, expressed concerns about moving to legalize recreational marijuana after the city recently cracked down on cigarette sales.