MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  Hastings City Council says a generous donor is helping the city repair its vandalized soccer fields.

On Monday, the City Council received a $100,000 donation from Ms. Caroline Amplatz.

This comes after two vandals drove onto the Veterans Athletic Complex fields last month and spun doughnuts — ruining three of the four main fields.

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Surveillance video near the complex helped police charge two men with destroying the wet fields.

Twenty-seven-year-old Alden Soine and 26-year-old Edward Lee Mears were both charged with first-degree criminal damage to property.

Asa Soine and Edward Mears (credit: Dakota Co. Attorney’s Office)

Investigators say they also found a piece of plastic from a vehicle on the field, which matched a piece missing from Soine’s vehicle’s wheel well.

Both men are due in court in May.

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In all, the Hastings Parks and Recreation Department says that four acres of land was destroyed.

The Hastings City Council says along with accepting the donation, a repair proposal provided by Precision Landscaping and Construction, Inc. was also approved.

“We are extremely grateful to be the recipient of such a meaningful donation,” stated Parks & Rec Director, Chris Jenkins. “The generosity shown by Ms. Amplatz will allow the soccer playing youth of Hastings to return to their home fields this season. This outcome is very fortunate for our city and for the hundreds of players affected by the situation.”

Repairs are expected to get underway as soon as possible. The city says it hopes to allow players back on the field sometime in May.