MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A school bus aide in Woodbury previously accused of molesting special needs children is now facing prison time for killing his wife.

On Tuesday, 72-year-old Harvey Kneifl pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of 72-year-old Julie Kneifl.

According to the Pioneer Press, Harvey Kneifl admitted to stabbing his wife 14 times in an act he called “quick and painless.”

Harvey Kneifl’s wife reportedly suffered from Parkinson’s disease, which resulted in dementia.

“She was living the life of, basically, a vegetable,” said Harvey Kneifl during a hearing in Washington County District Court, according to the Pioneer Press. “She was in constant pain, constant suffering. I decided to help her move on to the next life where she would no longer have any pain or suffering.”

The ex-bus driver lived with his wife at a senior living facility in Woodbury. On January 31, workers checking on the couple found Harvey Kneifl’s wife dead, and Kneifl himself with significant injuries — which appeared to be self-inflicted.

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Harvey Kneifl is also facing 10 felony counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct for molesting special needs children on a school bus in Woodbury. Police say the victims, some as young as 4-years-old, told of the abuse while surveillance tape from cameras inside the school buses backed up their testimony.

On Tuesday, the ex-bus driver was sentenced to over 30 years in prison for the death of his wife.

According to the Pioneer Press, Harvey Kneifl will remain in jail until his June 5 sentencing of the 10 counts of alleged sexual assaults.