By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Records show that during the months leading up to the death of a St. Paul firefighter, police responded to numerous 911 calls at his home.

Thirty-six-year-old Thomas Harrigan was shot inside his Ivy Avenue home Monday night and later died at Regions Hospital.

Since mid-July, police were called to Harrigan’s home nearly a dozen times.

One incident report referred to Harrigan’s home as a “problem property.” Several of the calls were for people partying too loudly and fighting and one call was for a drug overdose. On August 16, a 911 caller reported “Ladies of the Night” and their customers were coming and going from the home at all times of the day. A day later, 5 people were arrested for meth at the residence but Harrigan was not among them.

“He was taken advantage of. Some people took his kindness for weakness and took advantage of him. And used him,” said Craig Tschida.

Tschida was Harrigan’s roommate, but he wasn’t home the night he was killed. He said his friend was a veteran who loved fishing.

“It was mind-numbing you know? It was just unbelievable,” said Tschida.

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In a Facebook post, Harrigan’s dad says his son was shot in his own living room by a person who had no right to be there.

The post talks about how Harrigan, a combat medic, was honored for saving lives in Iraq and back home where he worked as both a St. Paul firefighter and paramedic.

But he also talks about how post-traumatic stress plagued his son, along with substance abuse.

“He was a good guy. He was always out for someone else. That reflected in his job and his home life, you know,” said Tschida.

According to reports, Harrigan did not make any of the 911 calls to his home.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

John Lauritsen