By Erin Hassanzadeh

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As we saw Wednesday with donations to the Drake Hotel fire victims, Minnesotans always answer the call to help their neighbors in need.

Some of that help comes through social media. There’s a new Facebook group called “Minnesota Blessing” that is growing by the day.

Since Tay Kennedy created the Facebook group in August, nearly 10,000 people have joined.

“I’ve been very surprised,” Kennedy said. “Every two weeks now we get 1,000 members, it grows that fast.”

It’s a simple: If you need something, post about it. Or if you have something to give, offer it up.

“I had someone adopt 15 families and gave them all gifts for Christmas,” Kennedy said.

The generosity on the page is humbling.

“This family, they were really struggling for Christmas and I told them I would get on it, and I made a post and within an hour they sent me this video of all of the things that they helped with their kid for Christmas,” Kennedy said. “You’d be surprised. Even people who don’t have anything, they help.”

The response is often quick.

“Sometimes it can be less than five minutes, and you’ll be like: Wow, hold up,” Kennedy said.

And on a day when hundreds who were staying at the Drake Hotel were left with nothing, the page lit up with support.

“If you’ve been affected by this, please let us know in the post and we will try to gather as much resources as we can,” Kennedy said. “No one will be left unread, honestly, we make sure everyone gets the help they need.”

The Facebook group is closed but anyone can request to join. Here’s the link.

Erin Hassanzadeh