By Katie Steiner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On the first day of Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order, Minnesotans appeared to be heeding the order.

The Costco in St. Louis Park on Saturday morning was basically empty.

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“I’ve never seen this lot so empty,” Claire Mayhew said.

She and her boyfriend, Will Deloney, went into the store and found everything they needed.

“They have toilet paper, they have paper towel, they have rice,” Mayhew said. “Everything was pretty much stocked right now.”

The lack of people, and the abundance of supplies surprised them both.

“It’s been so busy for the last couple months, so I didn’t know how seriously people were going to take the message from the government,” Deloney said. “I’m a little shocked.”

Bike paths and walkways are also open, as long as people keep social distancing.

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Peter McLaughlin said he noticed a significant difference on the first day of the governor’s order.

“As I drove from my house to get down here to do my exercises, there were virtually no cars on the street. Absolutely none. And we’ve been walking in the street, because there just isn’t any traffic,” McLaughlin said. “I think people are observing the rules, but they also know that they got to go out and get exercise for their health as well. I think we can strike the right balance on that.”

Becca Bicamich also noticed people doing things differently.

“It does seem like groups are staying farther apart, everyone kind of holds their breath when they pass each other things like that,” she said.

Bicamich appreciates that more than others, since she works at a hospital.

“I hope it keeps people at home, I hope they stay in place,” she said. “I work at the hospital, so I’m on the front lines. I think this is so incredibly important that we try to keep our space and flatten the curve.”

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Katie Steiner