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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Several Wisconsin mayors are asking state health officials to shut down Tuesday’s primary polling stations.

Wisconsin Republicans appealed to the Supreme Court to block an extended voting period for mail-in ballots.

Democrats say it’s necessary to give people enough time to vote safely.

Many people opted to use a drive-up polling place, while others like Rigoberto Hernandez say it should be postponed.

“Some other states have done it already, I don’t know why it took so long for [Gov. Tony] Evers and the Republicans. I blame both of them. They don’t care about us,” Hernandez said.

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Voter Charlie Ryan says people are too terrified to go to a polling station.

“They don’t want to come out. Who can blame them? What is there to gained by going ahead with the election at this point?” Ryan said.

Cities are struggling to find poll workers for the few polling stations that will be open on Tuesday.

Gov. Evers, Democrat, is urging lawmakers to postpone the primary or allow voters to vote from home.