MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 37-year-old man has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder in the shooting of a Waseca police officer.

Tyler Janovsky gravely injured Officer Arik Matson after shooting him in the head.

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Matson was shot while responding to a call of a suspicious person in a neighborhood in Waseca on the evening of Jan. 6. Janovsky was shot by other officers at the scene. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Since the incident, Matson has undergone multiple surgeries and extensive treatments.

Last week, Matson’s wife posted an update on his CaringBridge page, noting that Matson can walk on his own for short distances, although he generally requires help. His senses, such as taste, smell and hearing, are returning at various levels.

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Still, the road to recovery remains long. “Healing is both a physical and emotional journey,” Megan Matson wrote, adding that this experience has tested her husband’s faith.

Matson is currently at a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. This is the fourth facility he’s been at during his recovery.

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Janovsky will be sentenced on September 18.