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We reached out to all Minnesota candidates running for U.S Senate and U.S Congress this fall. Candidates were asked to provide a two-minute video discussing their platform as well as answer a set of our viewers’ questions.

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Above is the video and below are the answers Michelle Fischbach provided. This is not a paid advertisement nor does WCCO endorse any candidate.

Responses from Michelle Fischbach, Republican candidate for the 7th District:

Do you believe racial disparities exist in Minnesota and across the country? If so, what policy changes would you propose to combat this?

I think President Trump has been making great strides towards helping minority communities across the country. President Trump passed meaningful criminal justice reform. Under the Trump economy, African American unemployment reached a record low. President Trump’s policies are focused on bringing increased opportunity to all communities.

Do you believe the federal government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been adequate? If not, what could have been done differently? Do you believe there should be a national mask mandate?

I think President Trump took unprecedented action to tackle the COVID pandemic. He partnered with and mobilized American industries to create ventilators and PPE in record time. He was attacked by Democrats for implementing a travel ban when he did, an action we now know saved countless lives. The number one thing that could have been done differently is China could have made the world aware of the problem instead of covering it up. The communist regime in China withheld critical information that could have allowed the world to contain and combat the virus. No, I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all national mask mandate.

What policy changes would you propose to jump-start the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Should the federal government pass an additional stimulus bill? If so, what should it include?

The first thing that I would do to jump-start the economy is I would vote to make the Trump tax cuts permanent. As far as another stimulus package, I would consider voting for a bill that focused on helping the small businesses that were forced to close due to COVID. I would not support the kind of garbage that Collin Peterson voted for like funding for recreational marijuana shops and stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. Any stimulus bill should focus on helping American citizens, small businesses and our agricultural industry.

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What do you think is the root cause of the civil unrest in our community and across the country?

I think the root cause of civil unrest is the violent rhetoric being used by extreme voices on the left. Nancy Pelosi referred to republicans as “enemies of the state”. A Democrat legislative candidate threatened to burn down cities in Minnesota. The left has also failed to enforce the law when legitimate protests turned into riots and looting. This only emboldened criminals to continue their destructive behavior. We need to give our law enforcement the ability to stop these crimes and restore law and order.

Do you believe that funding for police departments should change, and if so, how should those funds be redirected? Should the federal government implement national police standards?

I think funding for our police departments should be increased. We need to absolutely make sure that we are not only able to hire and retain the best officers, we also need to make sure they have the appropriate training and equipment that they need to keep our communities safe. Those decisions should be made at the local, not federal, level.

Do you believe the government should subsidize broadband internet access for rural areas? Should public school districts reimburse families for the cost of distance learning?

Yes. I think we need to invest in rural broadband so that western Minnesota has the same opportunity to survive and thrive as the metro area. In regards to distance learning, I think we need to get kids back in schools safely. Our parents and educators know that our children do better when they are learning in person and interacting with their peers.

Do you think the current Minnesota gun laws are adequate? If not, what changes would you make?

Minnesota’s gun laws are too stringent. We need to look at moving towards Stand Your Ground laws and constitutional carry. I also absolutely oppose any universal background checks and red flag laws.

Do you support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana?

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