MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The COVID-19 vaccines we have now are thought to be effective against this new threat. Nearly 40,000 Minnesotans have already received their first dose.

But how you will know when it’s time to roll up your sleeve?

Gary Baggenstoss and his twin sons have a special bond. They play in a polka band together — or at least they used to.

“We’ve been shut down, I’ve been shut down since April. I think I’ve played two outside gigs,” he said.

The Elk River 75-year-old is ready to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but like many he’s a bit confused.

“The common folk like myself we have no idea what we need to do or when it’s going to be available, and what we need to do to get set up to actually be vaccinated,” he said.

Baggenstoss knows that vaccines first go to healthcare workers places and residences like the Minnesota Veterans home. Navy vet Richard Evans bravely got his shot Tuesday.

“The shot was really nothing, I didn’t feel any pain with it at all,” he said.

But Baggenstoss and others are wondering when will it be their turn.

Here’s what WCCO found out: Phase 1A is for the 500,000 in healthcare and care facilities. That will likely take the whole month of January.

Next up, Phase 1B, which includes Baggenstoss and other people who are over 75 and frontline workers. They should start getting vaccinated in February.

As for everyone else, there’s no clear date.

The Minnesota Department of Health says for those 75 and up to call their health care providers in a month to find out where to get the vaccine and stay tuned to media updates.

Baggenstoss plans on doing just that so he can get the vaccine and get BACK to business.

“I’d like to get back that again, I get tired of entertaining myself here in my office,” he said.

Some have also been asking if those who live out of state can get the vaccine in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Health says yes, anyone who visits or works in Minnesota can get the vaccine here. Click here for more information on vaccine phases and planning.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield