Poetry is a popular form of creative expression and has been appreciated since the beginning of time. In Minnesota, poetry is celebrated throughout local communities and events are scheduled year-round to meet and discuss local poetry. With the beauty of the Midwest as a backdrop for creativity, local poets are found in abundance in Minnesota. Check out these popular poets that hail from Minnesota.

(credit: Bruce Lansky)

(credit: Bruce Lansky)

Bruce Lansky
Meadowbrook Press
6110 Blue Circle Drive, Suite 237
Minnetonka, MN 55343
(800) 338-2232

Bruce Lansky lives in Minnesota and has been actively involved in bringing poetry to children. He started as an author of baby books and eventually completed a book of children’s poetry. Lansky has his own publishing company, Meadowbrook Press, and has created numerous anthologies of poems for kids to enjoy. Aside from writing and publishing poems for children, Lansky visits local schools and talks to kids about the fascinating world of poetry and literacy.

Doug Wilhide
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Doug Wilhide is a poet who resides in the small community of Linden Hills within the large city of Minneapolis. He has become the Poet Laureate of his community and edits the community paper as well. Wilhide writes about the beauty of his neighborhood and encourages expression through writing. His most recent project was to publish a collection of poets written by his own neighbors in the Southwest Journal. A publisher as well as an author, Wilhide gladly accepts submissions for his collections of poetry.

(credit: Gordon Henry

(credit: Gordon Henry)

Gordon Henry, Jr.

Although Gordon Henry Jr. grew up on military bases throughout the country and was born in Pennsylvania, he is a registered member of the White Earth Chippewa Tribe of Minnesota. Henry earned his degrees at Midwestern universities including Michigan State and North Dakota and is a respected and has become a fascinating and talented poet and author. He studies and teaches Native American literature as well as publishes his own poetry and prose writing. His works have been recognized by awards for creative writing and poetry.

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Barton Sutter

A native of Minnesota and a current resident of Duluth, Barton Sutter has explored and published all forms of creative writing, from fiction to plays to prose. Although he is best known for his poetry, Sutter has received awards for all forms of his writing. Probably his biggest accomplishment was being named the first Poet Laureate of Duluth, Minnesota in 2006. Barton Sutter continues to excite lovers of poetry and creative writing with his published works.

(credit: Jupiter Images)

(credit: Jupiter Images)

Michael Finley

Although he has since moved on to writing more essays and articles of interest, Finley started his career as a poet in the Twin Cities. Finley writes over the range of literary media, from children’s books to nonfiction. Much of his earlier works relate to life experiences inside Minneapolis and its surrounding cities. Finley has also been inspired by tragedy in his personal life and uses writing as an outlet for healing purposes. While he has proven himself competent in authoring heavily researched topics and opinion pieces, Finley still stands as an exceptional poet in Minnesota.

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