MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – When Prince died last April, mourning fans flocked to Paisley Park, leaving dozens of handmade notes, signs, photos and flowers on a fence surrounding the Purple One’s Chanhassen compound.

On Monday, some of those mementos – which had been preserved in the superstar’s permanent collection – re-emerged at Paisley Park, on a new memorial fence set up so that fans can pay tribute to Prince during a month-long celebration marking the anniversary of his death.

Take note Prince fans: The fence, located along the parking lot, will be open to the public (free of charge) only for two days — April 3 and April 10. On any other day this month, those who want to pay tribute to Prince will need have to pay to enter Paisley Park.

The tribute fence is part of the Prince4Ever celebration, which runs throughout most of April, featuring an upgraded Paisley Park tour and a video project in which fans can have their photo taken in a candle-lit setting and used in a commemorative video to be debuted on the anniversary of Prince’s death.

Wesley Sommerville was one of many Monday who took time to tie a personal tribute to the fence. Among the items left were purple flowers, hats, tambourines, beads, and even a box of the musician’s favorite pancake mix.

“We love Prince, we miss him so much,” Sommerville said. “The world is not the same without Prince.”

The Prince4Ever festivities will lead into Celebration 2017, an exclusive, event planned for April 20-23 that’ll bring together musicians who worked with Prince throughout his career — such as The Time, The Revolution, and 3RDEYEGIRL — for days of live music, panel discussions and presentations. The VIP tickets to Celebration 2017 have sold out, Paisley Park says, but general admission tickets are still available.

Prince died on April 21, 2016, of an accidental fentanyl overdose.

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