MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There is some good news to share about two former Kylie’s Kids: Trinity and Gus.

One of the very first stories that WCCO shared was about Trinity.

She was born with a heart defect and was raising money for a special Segway so she could go on walks with her family without getting tired.

Two years later, Trinity is 13-years-old and still loves cruising around on her Segway!

Her mom said she is always drawing and has recently taken up baking, which her dad is a huge fan of.

She’s been doing really well since WCCO last saw her. In a year she’s gone from 50 pounds to 74 pounds and is continuing to get stronger every day.

She even now has enough energy to go to school all day long and hang out with friends.

Her mom said she is the best big sister to her six siblings and wants to be a nurse one day so she can help other people.

Then, remember Gus?

WCCO met Gus last year when he was going through radiation treatments. Only a few hours after a treatment, he was up and playing soccer!

It’s now been one year since he was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and he is doing great. He’s also 13-years-old.

His mom said he’s been doing really well. He’s even been out hiking with his family in Colorado and northern Minnesota.

He was also involved with the Make-a-Wish Ball this weekend. He sold some of his artwork to help raise money for other kids to go on their wishes.

His own wish of surfing with his family in Hawaii is coming up soon!