MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The raccoon who wrangled national attention for scaling the UBS Building in St. Paul has already gotten T-shirts and bobbleheads made in her honor — why not a music video?

After a 15-hour climb to the top, she was caught in a live trap and was later released on private land by wildlife experts.

Following the incident, Minnesota Public Radio began selling T-shirts of the viral sensation.

And, of course, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum began offering preorders for a bobblehead of the raccoon. Those are expected to ship in October 2018.

Now, The Current stepped up the game by releasing an original song and music video dedicated to the raccoon, “who captured hearts across the globe and united us all as we shared in the struggle of a small creature against seemingly insurmountable odds.”

The song was written by Jim McGuinn Slusarek. It was performed by Mark Mallman, Ed Ackerson, Jimmy Olson and Slusarek. It was filmed and edited by Nate Ryan.

Check it out above!


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