MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar faces a new complaint alleging she used campaign money to pursue a romantic affair.

That happened while Omar released information Wednesday about a death threat. The written threat says Omar “won’t die alone,” and it would likely happen at the Minnesota State Fair.

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Sources tell WCCO it’s the reason the Democratic congresswoman didn’t give advance notice of where she’d be when she visited the fair on opening day.

Rep. Omar released on Twitter Wednesday afternoon immediately following a tense series of exchanges with reporters as she left a town hall meeting.

Omar says he does not plan to go back to the state fair this year. Some fairgoers WCCO spoke to Wednesday think the threat was just a scare tactic.

“I think they’re just trying to do it to scare people. I mean they’re not really going to do anything, but they just want to see a reaction,” said James Schulz of Coon Rapids. “We’ve got plenty of officers that are around to help people and there’s security out.”

Others feel this is just another troubling sign of times.

“It’s very unfortunate, but in this climate right now that we’re in it’s not a surprise. But this is something that shouldn’t be normalized,” said Michael Peterson of Cottage Grove.

In a one-on-one interview Tuesday, Omar spoke about dealing with a constant stream of threats.

“I am comfortable in how long I am going to be on this earth, and when the time comes when I’m no longer here. That’s why I so much focus on the present,” Omar said.

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The Congresswoman posted the threat moments after being chased by reporters and cameras as she left an appearance in north Minneapolis. Reporters tried to ask here about reports in a Washington D.C. divorce filing that she had an affair with political consultant Tim Mynett.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (credit: CBS)

“I have no interest in commenting on anything that you are about to ask about my personal life, so you can chase me all you want,” Omar said.

When a reporter asked, “Why are you dodging questions?” Omar replied as she walked away, “Because they are stupid questions.”

Omar denied Tuesday that she is separated from her husband, and is in an extramarital relationship.

“No, I am not … I have no interest in really allowing, you know, the conversation about my personal life to continue, and so I have no desire to discuss it,” she said.

David Schultz, a political science professor at Hamline University, doesn’t think the accusation will sway voters in her district.

“Democrats are winning with 70% of the vote [in Omar’s district]. I suspect unless something more develops with this story that it doesn’t hurt her with her constituents very much at all.”

Schultz pointed out how Omar had finance issues during her tenure as a State Representative, in which she said to repay more than $3,000 to her campaign and a $500 fine.

“Given the fact that there was already a state investigation from her time she was in the statehouse of representatives, and a ruling against her, I think that adds some merit to the complaint here,” he said.

Schultz said the FEC investigation could take several months

Filings with the FEC show that Omar’s campaign has payed Mynett’s consulting firm, E Street Group, more than $220,000 for campaign consulting in the last 14 months — which experts say is not illegal if he did the work.

But a conservative group filed an FEC complaint Wednesday alleging that Omar has illegally used campaign funds to pay for personal travel for Mynett starting in April, the same month the alleged affair began.

An attorney for Mynett and Omar’s campaign released a statement early Thursday, saying it is “absolutely false and completely unfounded” that campaign funds were used for Mynett’s personal travel, and that it is an example of “the right wing’s attempt to throw the kitchen sink at the Congresswoman and her allies.”

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Omar’s event Wednesday was focused on helping low-income people with access to food. She also has a series of high-profile events planned Thursday and Friday.