By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Changes within the Minnesota Vikings have been more internal. They laid out the new coaching staff positions Tuesday, and their philosophies.

It’s been an offseason of trying to stay stable. Up first, putting Gary Kubiak in charge of the offense as the offensive coordinator. Step one, figure out the gap between his team and a Super Bowl team.

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“We’re trying to evaluate that right now, see how we get better. That starts with me. How do I get better for the players, coaches get better offensively for the players, and then when they come back in here two months from now, we can present that to them and say, ‘Here’s how we think we can move forward,’” Kubiak said.

The more interesting combination is the defense. Andre Patterson has been with Mike Zimmer for years, going back to coaching in college. He’s not big on high-end technology. He is, however, big on teaching at the blackboad.

“A lot of young guys, if the power went off in this building and the computers would shut down, they’re done,” Patterson said. “All I need is a marker and a grease board.”

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Dom Capers (credit: CBS)

Adam Zimmer, head coach Mike Zimmer’s son, is moving from a linebacker coach position to co-defensive coordinator. He understands he will be scrutinized because he’s the coach’s son. And he is hoping it helps to understand the head coach.

“It’s good. We have a great relationship, great communication. You know, it was an adjustment at first when we were in Cincinnati, but we’ve been doing it seven years now, so I know how to approach him, I know how he thinks, and I think we have a great working relationship,” Zimmer said.

Then there is the man who will advise the defense in a senior leadership position. Dom Capers will assume that role, whatever that role is is still a bit cloudy.

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“It’s a tough, aggressive team style of defense,” Capers said. “To be a good defense, there’s times you have to be unselfish here or there, you know, at every position, and it appears to me like we have those types of players.”

Mike Max