MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)Kenneth Lilly, 32, pleaded guilty Monday to opening fire on a school bus driver in the middle of a February snow storm on Interstate 35W.

Investigators say the bus scraped Lilly’s car as it was trying to merge onto the interstate in Minneapolis on the afternoon of February 5. Minnesota Department of Transportation cameras show Lilly getting out of his vehicle and approaching the bus while they were stopped in traffic.

Kenneth Lilly surrenders to a Minnesota State Patrol trooper (credit: CBS)

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Lilly claims the bus hit him while he was walking in front of it, so he fired five shots into the windshield. One bullet grazed the bus driver’s head, and another hit his arm. A little girl was on the bus, but she was not hit.

A Hennepin County judge will sentence Lilly on October 31. He faces up to eight years in prison.